Come Visit Us in Penticton

In the summer you can usually find us down at the Okanagan Lake at Power St. and Lakeshore Dr. in Penticton. On Saturdays you can find us at our usual location 300 block Main St market (across from Mike's Pawn Shop) for the Penticton Market Season.  We are available for festivals or if you just want a sunglasses party in your home we can accommodate you.
We also have retail consignment programs.

To book us for any festival or private function:

Contact Christine Ellis

Email: sunglassescanada@gmail.com

Phone: 250-488-3827

Fax: 250-499-8081

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Being an Optical Specialist for 40 years allows us to
source the best licenced quality eyewear in the business,
we pass the SAVINGS ON TO YOU.

All of our selections provide you with full UVA & UVB PROTECTION


Sunzone Sunglasses is the only stop you need to outfit you and your entire family.With a huge selection, and over 40 years’ experience our representatives know how to fit your face with the perfect frame.  Not only will they fit well but with our expertise we will educate you on which sunglasses will improve your specific lifestyle;weather you are bike riding, sailing, skiing, fishing, driving on a bright sunny day, or a cloudy one, we have the shades for you.




All of our glasses are 100%  UVA & UVB PROTECTION

Huge Selection of Styles and Brands

  • Aviators 

  • Wayfarers

  • Wraps

  • Choppers

  • Round

  • Wire

  • Biker

  • X - Loop

  • Cover up/ clip ons

  • Goggles

  • Designer Ladies/Mens

  • Kids

Describe your image.

Describe your image.

Describe your image.

Describe your image.


Eye Protection

All of our glasses are 100%  UVA & UVB PROTECTION

  • Revo lenses.......

  • Polarized............

  • HD Vision............

  • Night Driver........

  • Cover Ups...........

  • Clip ons...............

  • Goggles ATV/Motocross

Cut the glare/summer/winter

Cut the horizontal line to reduce glare - water sports/ skiing

High Definition Eye Wear, cuts scattered blue light.  

Yellow lens, night driving, shooting glasses

Fits over prescription glasses

Fits on to prescription glasses

Whether you are on your phone communicating or working at your computer all day, we have the shade that may put a little less stress on your day: brown, orange, yellow or a tint of blue may be the shade for you.
Water sports?  Fishing? Polarized will cut out the horizontal light enabling you to see through the water while cutting out the glare. We offer a polarized lens that will actually float back to you if you drop them in the water.


    Special Events   

Sunzone Sunglasses

Over the past 30 years, our high quality displays have taken us to all the major special events and festivals in the west including:​

Boundry Fair (Rock Creek)
Boundry Fair (Rock Creek)
IPE Armstrong
IPE Armstrong
Penticton Peach Festival
Penticton Peach Festival
Elvis Festival
Elvis Festival
Smithers Fall Fair
Smithers Fall Fair
Salmon Arm Fall Fair
Salmon Arm Fall Fair
Peach City Beach Cruise
Peach City Beach Cruise
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    About Us  

Sunzone Sunglasses, Our philosophy towards vending has always emphasized quality over all else.

Quality in our merchandise, quality in our displays and quality in our service.
Our sunglasses, t-shirts and hats are made to last as long as the memories of the festival at which they were purchased.  We are always fully staffed, with trained, friendly and courteous professionals.
Over the past 30 years, our high quality displays have taken us to all the major
Special Events and festivals in the west .

Our product lines are practical, extensive and always well stocked. Our Many years of experience have allowed us to source out and carry only the highest quality merchandise at very reasonable prices, including:

  • Polarized & HD Sunglasses

  • Sunglasses 1000 Styles

  • Suntan Lotion

  • Light Ropes

  • T-Shirts

  • Novelties

  • Novelty Caps

  • Leather Hats

  • Cowboy Hats

  • Glow Products

Our products also have themes appropriate to the outdoor, special event circuit. Our biggest sellers are always Sunglasses and Cowboy hats. We have a variety of styles, shapes and colours. We even have the capacity to custom paint and airbrush hats on the spot, which is always a great crowd pleaser. From conservative to outrageous, there is a hat for every occasion.
Our line of nature T-shirts is also very popular at outdoor events. Charming wildlife and breathtaking scenery are recreated in fine detail on all our clothing.
 All of our clothing products are licensed.
All of our retail area is handicap accessible. We take pride in our displays and pay close attention to detail.
Our entire area  no matter what size,  is skirted, signed and staffed for maximum service and efficiency, the displays are as functional as they are attractive and our results always speak for themselves.